Tuesday – Tanless Sunner

Back in the office after my quick Florida trip. I seemed to have forgotten my tan on the plane. This is partly because of a cloud situation, but mostly because I am making a conscious effort to preserve my skin and counteract my teen years spent char-broiling in the sun. I have been thinking recently about my beauty/health routine and want to make some changes. This is where I turn to you all, what are some simple things you do (i.e. take certain vitamins, drink water, apply 15SPF everyday) to ease the aging process and feel better all around?

Romper: courtesy of Mamie, worn as a romper here
Skirt: F21 $15
Charm bracelet: Lucky Brand, gift
Shoes: great question???  found them cleaning my closet
Nailpolish: Zoya purple (I am LOVING this brand) 
LipstickL Avon Red (thanks for all the great recommendations!) 


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13 Responses to “Tuesday – Tanless Sunner”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Don’t have any terrible events happen to you. It will age you a million years.

  2. casey Says:

    -try to drink as much water as you can a day (thats an easy one 🙂
    – look at the ingredients in all your skin care products. there’s some nasty stuff in lots of them and just like food, its best to stick with simple, natural ingredients.
    – i try to eat organic when i can, expensive but so worth it.
    – i take vitamin c and drink lots of herbal teas.
    – sadly enough coffee and alcohol are not friends of the aging process…
    – my mum looks amazing in her 60’s because she doesn’t eat any grains and she does pilates every day…

    that being said you’re super cute so don’t worry too much about getting old!

  3. Market Publique Says:

    Don’t eat gluten (this includes drinking beer), do yoga, use deep conditioner, & spf 30 everyday.

    Drinking more water is on my list, but I don’t do it as well as I should.

    Absolutely no smoking.

    I also drink champagne and wine moderately – what’s the point of living longer / looking better if you don’t enjoy it, right?

  4. dressingmyself Says:

    People often tell me I have amazing skin and I am over 50.
    My experience:
    1.You are right to avoid a sun tan. I wear SPF 15 every day, SPF 25 when I am going to be outdoors in the sun (on my face).
    2. Morning and evening cleanse, tone and moisturise
    3. No smoking.
    4. Enough sleep ( I aim for about 7 hours a night).

    Others have mentioned Pilates. I don’t think it does anything for skin, but it is great for posture. Look around on the street and you will see that not standing up straight is very aging. Pilates is also good for stomach muscles and maintaining a defined waist.

  5. harolina Says:

    Alcohol is a big dehydrator which makes your skin dry and more prone to wrinkles…1 glass of wine needs 8 glasses of water in order to keep you hydrated. Ouch! But like MP said moderately is ok, “what’s the point of living longer/looking better if you don’t enjoy it, right?”

    A multi-vitamin is good everyday. SPF definitely (although I can’t use it b/c my skin breaks out). Exercise…even walking counts.

    Anywho, your outfit looks fabulous…and you are really rocking that hair amazingly! Love love love it!

  6. sherry Says:


    I feel people waste wayyyyy too much time and money obsessing over their body image. I thing you should drink beer and coffee and eat Wisconsin cheese. Enjoy life. My co-workers always says,”you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit”. Just go for it and have fun.

  7. Ashley Says:

    Love your outfit today! Also, your hair and makeup are so striking against your skin… LOVE! I try to drink a lot of water, especially at work and take a (chewable) multi-vitamin in the morning. Washing my face every night also helps keep my skin looking good. Consistent exercise is important, too!

  8. piglet Says:

    Gorgeous look, and I’m still loving your hair. It looks so glossy and lovely!

    I always wear moisturizer with sun screen in it. The New Zealand sun is the harshest in the world (totally unfair, stupid ozone hole!) so I need to be protected all the time.
    Also drinking heaps of water and cleansing every night with a super gentle cleanser.

  9. Alicia Says:

    i agree with Ma Rad.

    FISH OIL supplements every day
    skin brushing
    vitamin C, D, E

    everything put on your skin is ABSORBED. so…

    no make-up. ha. or just get good non-toxics from natural health store

    cut out nasty lotions- even the name brands known for being basic are full of junk. if u dont know what is on the label, dont put it on your skin

    saunas and steams. sweating is a good thing

    always finish washing/soaking/etc with COLD water. always.

    dont use a lot of soap. in fact, just wash face with water 90% of time

    to encourage elimination (since the skin is an emunctory, help by focusing on other organs of detox as well) lungs- deep breathing, kidneys- drink tons water, GI- probiotics, liver- castor oil packs

    eat, drink & be merry. luv u! wish we couldve had a faux 8 with you down there

  10. Melanie Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think you know all the do’s and don’t’s! Water is important, I like vitamin D, sunscreen of no less than SPF 15 and don’t forget the backs of your hands! I think most of all is to live, laugh and love each day!!

  11. Simone Says:

    I highly recommend taking Omega 3 supplements & eating lots foods rich in these fatty acids (avocado is a good one!). I also take zinc supplements, as well as other vitamins. Both are good for the skin & immune system! Eat lots of olive oil–apparently, Sophia Loren claims this as one of her beauty secrets 🙂


    +stay active & exercise regularly
    +Use gentle skin care products & invest in a good moisturizer & eye cream. I like Kiehls stuff a lot.
    +Drink wine, have fun, go out dancing 😀

  12. Jessica Says:

    Things I Do to Combat Aging
    1. Drink lots of water (I am for at least 6 large glasses a day)
    2. Exercise 4-5 times a week
    3. Moisturizer with SPF 15 daily (more if i’m going to be out in direct sunlight)
    4. I also use an anti-aging product at night (i’m in my 20s but its never late to start especially since I have a such a stressful job)
    5. Have fun! Laughter is youthful!

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