Monday – Black Friday

Kurt Cobain tote my Mom got me after I wrote about him here, thanks Mama!)

oo windy to keep my eyes open!)

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had an amazing Turkey Day! Since I was with the Fam last weekend, I spent Thanksgiving with a friend and her family, then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing. I usually avoid Black Friday like the plague, but when I ran out to get my morning coffee, I tripped into a store and and walked out with a new coat, boots, and a couple skirts, shirts and a dress… by far the most expensive coffee to date. BUT everything was a GREAT deal.
Did you guys have any luck on Black Friday?

Shirt: $10
Skirt: $12
Boots: $30 (all the above on super sale at a random store on my street)
Legging: Dance leggings from a friend at work
Watch: Thrifted $8


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6 Responses to “Monday – Black Friday”

  1. Clare Says:

    This is an absolutely killer outfit. You look great!

  2. EmilyKennedy Says:

    Brilliant way to style a short flouncy skirt for a blustery day. I swear, seeing you rock it is so great! Thanks for the great idea lady!

  3. piglet Says:

    Great jacket!

  4. Ashley Says:

    Those boots are super hot!

  5. Amy Says:

    Great boots!

  6. sherry Says:


    I never shop on Black Friday, too many crazy people. I really like your boots. I have a similar pair but have not decorated them yet. You are in a festive mood. Guess you are a little short of cash because I do not see the cycle or leather jacket.

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