Friday – The Weekend!

Happy Friday! I am feeling MUCH better after spending the day at home and watching 1,000 episodes of Friends. I have once and for all a declared Ross my favorite, even the smallest things he does are hilarious…the Holiday Armadillo…brilliant. I am open to counterarguments, but it will be tough to sway this opinion…

Shirt: Black Friday Shopping $10
Scarf: courtesy of Nepali by TDM Designs (look for a giveaway later this week)
Legging: From a friend
Shoes: F21
Lipstick: Avon Red


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7 Responses to “Friday – The Weekend!”

  1. Emily Kennedy Says:

    I still just ADORE your new hair, and I love that you’re willing to wear bold red lips with it. You are a total rock star!

  2. Clare Says:

    Love the red lip!

  3. jentine Says:

    Must say… I am digging the strong bang and the bold lip. Nicely done!!!

  4. Carmen Says:

    yeah, red lips look fabulous. Also love your ankle booties

  5. Jenny Says:

    First time commenting. I love your blog.

    Super fun shoes and love the red lips! I’ve been meaning to try out some for myself.

  6. megwalsh Says:

    i have ALWAYS maintained that ross is the best character. kelly and i have felt that way since season 10 in college park. btw, buying all ten seasons of friends was one of my best investments ever. feel better.

  7. ellenitza Says:

    I love all your black friday finds! And your daily style snapshots.

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