Holiday Party!

Although  I hate the cold, I DO love the holiday parties the winter months bring on. Saturday was the first of the season and stellar way to kick it off!  I am not sure staying out till 4:00 helped my cold, but it was fantastic to hang out with 3D friends not name Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey or  Phoebe (Ross would have been welcomed). I will say, as much as I am loving rocking the lipstick, it is a full time job to maintain while sipping beverages…

The lovely ladies I work with)

Christine from My Style Pill was also present looking super cute. Christine: do you have any pics from the night??


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3 Responses to “Holiday Party!”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Agreed about the red lipstick! It’s difficult to keep it in tact! You looked fab though!

  2. Amy Says:

    I love holiday parties! This looks like a fab one.. you look super cute and the red lipstick looks great on you.

    Hope you are feeling better!


  3. sherry Says:


    New York seems like such a fun place to be when you are single, good looking and have plenty of clothes and like to party.

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