My Goodies for Sale

I gave the newest piece of jewelry I made a test drive today and got a TON of compliments, and a couple Christmas orders!  I am going to be busy whipping up some more necklaces and bracelets in the next couple weeks, so email me at dailyworkit at gmail dotcom if you are interested!  The chain is a mixture of new, thrifted, and from my jewelbox, which will make each piece unique. Necklace: $35 plus shipping.


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12 Responses to “My Goodies for Sale”

  1. Amy Says:

    I don’t mean for this to be rude but wouldn’t you agree that this piece is just a little “inspired” by a handful of jewelry designers who’s pieces are on the market already.To name just a few, CC Skye, Erikson Beamon, Sequin…
    I felt the need to comment as you mention you work in the industry and so I assume you’re aware of these popular designers. I’m also assuming you’re aware and hopefully sensitive to the massive amounts of plagiarism these up and coming designers are faced with on a daily basis. I love DIY projects but I think it’s really important to cite your sources of inspiration, even if it’s on a smaller scale blog, especially if you intend to profit from them.

    • Jenni Says:

      Thanks for the comment! My interest in chain necklaces was definitely inspired by the current trend. I truly thought I was putting a new spin on the style by braiding chain. I actually saw the Sequin necklace in a magazine to today and was disappointed my idea was already done, but was also happy to be about to provide a necklace that is on trend for more then $100 less.

  2. Nikki Says:

    Thanks for giving us a great affordable option. I’d rather buy handcrafted jewelry than something from H&M or Forever21. Way to be creative and resourceful!

    • Amy Says:

      Right, but …designers that have achieved the “success” of mass-production still deserve to have there work cited when even smaller names or individuals are making more affordable, DIY options for profit…I just think this is when DIY gets tricky, no one’s arguing that lower priced, personalized jewelry isn’t more appealing then overpriced and made in china. However.. allot of the labels that sell to Intermix, Henri Bendels etc.. are smaller then you might think, there are individuals behind those labels too…they don’t want to be ripped off more then the next guy, and if you work in the industry you kind of have to respect that.

      • Jenni Says:

        That is an interesting point, but that is essentially how fashion works. Designers like CC Skye and Sequin did not come up with the idea heavy chain necklaces. Givenchy showed models dripping in chain in the Fall 2008 RTW show, which is now trickling into mainstream a couple seasons later (as runway trends tend to do) And Givenchy may have been inspired by Madonna’s iconic “Boy Toy” outfit in the 80’s, wearing a tangled pearls and chain necklace. Most of fashion is “inspired” or as you said “ripped off” from a pervious look. This necklace is just my interpretation of a current trend.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    Awesome job mixing the metals–it looks great! What tools do you use to make your jewelry? I’m very interested in experimenting and creating some necklaces for myself and girlfriends for the holidays but I’m not sure what tools I need. Thanks for any help you can offer!

  4. Market Publique Says:

    Wow! I love the necklace! So cool.

    You should open a little boutique on Market Publique so you can sell easily, especially since you’re using vintage materials.

    Also… I still have your belt. We need to make plans for a girly drink!

    – Pamela

  5. Liz Says:

    i love that you’re channeling your creativity into something like this. i agree with nikki–i would totally rather buy something made by hand than something mass produced. keep it up!! can’t wait to see more.

  6. sherry Says:


    I love, love the necklace and I will definitely purchase one. If it is easier, I can wait until after the holidays. Good luck with your new adventure. I like the idea of each and every necklace being unique.

  7. milly Says:


    Love the necklace….how much will it be with S&H?

  8. Missy Says:

    Just stumbled upon your site and LOVE this necklace. Do you have a site you sell them from? How can I get it? Its a perfect gift and I love telling people their presents were bought locally and from an actual person 🙂

  9. Angela Says:

    I make jewelry and was wondering how you twist your chains on your necklaces and get them to stay and how you finish off the necklace. Do you wrap the the wire or how do you finish it? Let me know I’ve got a necklace I need to make and could use some advice. Thanks for all your help.

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