Tuesday – Xmas break is HERE!

It is FINALLY HERE! XMAS VACATION! Giant sigh of relief…have these past couple weeks been torture for everyone else? I am so stoked to fly home tomrw, chill with the fam, do some secondhand shopping and work on more jewelry.  Speaking of, here are a couple pics my friend Callie took at their Holiday party. I doubled up and wore two pieces I made, and got a great response! I am going to make more and will put up an online shop in 2010!

ps I know I know, my bangs are too long, I cut them last night…short…maybe too short…

ne more pic with my BFF at another party… her AMAZING thrifted dress was only $7!  Gotta love the hand on hip pose!


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4 Responses to “Tuesday – Xmas break is HERE!”

  1. Emily Kennedy Says:

    I don’t think your bangs are horribly long. GAH, I just adore that haircut on you. Also, that’s really cool that you’re going to open an online shop. Can’t wait!

  2. closet365project Says:

    Very cute! Happy holidays!

  3. Liz Says:

    does your dress have a see through top, jennifer lynn? va va voom! you and beth both look great. hope you had a merry christmas! miss ya!!

  4. Jenesa Says:

    your necklaces look great with that dress..can’t wait for the jewelry shop!….

    oh & where did you get your dress?? i love the top of it

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