Merry Christmas All!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING X-mas! It has been snowing nonstop in Wisconsin since I got here, super beautiful. I snapped these outfit pictures before I left, but it pretty much sums up my outfits over the entire week I am home. I wanted to maximize room for bringing back thrifed goods, so this skirt, some leggings and a handful of tops were the extent of my packing.  To make for my lack of new looks, I will direct you to my friend Christine at My Style Pill and her goal of wearing one LBD in 14 different ways over the holidays. Amazing! Also, this is new necklace I made, which is similar to one I made awhile ago…remember?


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4 Responses to “Merry Christmas All!”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Yes, leggings are out after Christmas Jenni. But I saw one extremely pitiful outfit today. A female, maybe late twenties, walked by with what looked like a cute layered outfit. Black ‘leggings’, with a plaid tunic and a white sweater over. Tell your readers that they should look in the mirror before they leave! This poor girl did not have on leggings, but tights….with no panties on at all! Her tunic had shifted up to the top of her hips in the back. Lucky for her, another female also noticed and walked up to her to cover her backside! How embarrassing….plus she was halfway through the store before I saw her.
    Haoli makahiki hou…Hawaiian for Happy New Year!

  2. Karin Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too Jenni. Cute necklace!

  3. J-bone Says:

    Your outfit was a big hit at Chewy’s Sports Bar!

  4. D Says:

    that necklace is awesome. mixed metals and sparkle! great! happy new year:)

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