Ludlow Jewelry

A have new necklaces for sale! Email me at dailyworkit at gmail com if you are interested and I will send my paypal info. All necklaces are made from new and thrifted chain making each one unique, additional pics can be sent on request. Shipping for US resident is $3.50.

$35 Brass, black, and gold colored chain braided with faux pearl chains. Lobster clasp, adjustable length

$40 Silver colored chain braided with ribbon. Lobster clasp, adjustable length

$35 Silver/gold colored chain and rhinestones woven together with ribbon. Lobster clasp, adjustable length

$35 Brass, black, and gold colored chain braided with faux pearl chains, not adjustable


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6 Responses to “Ludlow Jewelry”

  1. kimpesch Says:

    Woohoo. Last one is for me! Thanks Jenni!!!

    xo, Kim

  2. Alicia Says:

    pretty pretty! like the photography too my dear.

    what is “ludlow”?

  3. Leighanne Says:

    so gorgeous! i love making nacklaces too! ive only tried making a few multi chain necklackes with ribbon closures so far, nothing this intricate! it looks like it took alot of time a patience!

  4. Ally Marie Says:

    Very Pretty!!

  5. Wednesday: As seen in… « Daily Work It Says:

    […] the fantastic Kim wore a necklace from Ludlow jewelry on her blog Crowed Closet! Check it out here!! You look amazing Kim p.s. more jewelry will be up […]

  6. caffeinerd Says:

    These are beautiful! 🙂 Very impressed!

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