[weekend] wowza

This weekend was BANANAS. I assisted a stylist on two photo shots, partook in Fashion Week activities, hit up some shows, spent Val Day with with some of my faves, ran around the city picking up clothes,  made an insane amount of  jewelry, had a photo shoot for said jewelry…and I think I slept a minute, ate a bite, and indulged in some wine. Possibly the most productive and fantastically satisfying weekend yet…I promise more soon…after the after party…


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4 Responses to “[weekend] wowza”

  1. EmilyKennedy Says:

    Woooo hoooo! You’re on fiah!

  2. sherry Says:


    Sounds like sooooo much fun. I wasn’t asked to model. Must have been a slip up or my phone was jammed. Want to see more jewelry.

  3. megwalsh Says:

    very cool picture!

  4. cindy Says:

    hey girlie! ’twas fun assisting with you – you were lucky to miss a marathon on monday. hope your shoot went well! xo-c.

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