[thursday] jt baby!

[Jessica sitting front row and clapping when Justin makes an appearance]

igel Barker getting interviewed]

last image from style.com]

Last night I went to the William Rast show and was once again in the presence of the man that captured my heart over a decade ago. [Nerd Alert warning] I am a HUGE JT fan, always have been, always will be. Unfortunately, I have to say, his show lacked a cohesive thought…but the live music, flashing lights and Jessica Biel sitting across for me were enough to forgive any fashion missteps. Nigel Barker from ANTM sat in front of me and even though his dreamy head blocked my view, I locked eyes with Justin (or maybe he was locking eyes with Jessica) Anyway, in  my head, I locked eyes with Justin as he made his curtain call, and it brought me back to a summer long ago when I screen printed his face on a tube top, sat in the 1,000th row, and sang “Tearin’ Up My Heart” at the top of my lungs…ahhh it was all so simple back then…


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One Response to “[thursday] jt baby!”

  1. jentine Says:

    Please tell me you still have that tube top….

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