[monday] makeover

Thanks to my super amazing friend Natasha, I got to sip wine while the lovely people at Bloomingdale’s gave me a makeover (more on that soon). After getting my face painted, I sifted though the racks they provided and put together this outfit. What do you think of the look? I almost never wear pants, but I LOVE these, and am thinking of going back to get them. Thoughts?


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8 Responses to “[monday] makeover”

  1. megwalsh Says:

    i like the make-up and i like the outfit! i think you should wear pants more… they look just as cute on you as a skirt/tights or leggings do!! 🙂

  2. harolina Says:

    before i even read your post i seriously thought “man, those pants look awesome”. they have a comfy cargo/harem look but not as obnoxious (in my opinion). i say go back and get them!

  3. Monique Says:

    Go back for them! They look amazing on you and also look really comfy. The outfit and makeup are so chic!

  4. Katz Says:

    The shoes are sweet! I like the pants too!

  5. sherry Says:


    The outfit is really cute. What happened to the bangs? You have very good DNA.

  6. Dawn Steckmesser Says:

    FABULOUS! I love the outfit! Definitely..GO BACK and get the pants!!!! The jacket ROCKS!

  7. GingerB Says:

    The pants look nice and a girl can’t go wrong with a pair of black ones.

  8. Christina P. Says:

    These pants are the shizz! 🙂 I love the look!

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