[wednesday] ludlow phoot shoot!!!

Click below for a couple more and credits!!!

Photography: Courtney D’ne Brown, http://.courtneydne.com
Photography Assistant: Alex Colby, http://alexcolby.com
Model: Melody Balczon
Stylist: Jenni Radosevich
Fashion consultant: Elisabeth Durkin
Jewelry: Ludlow

All Jewelry is for sale and will be up on Shop Ludlow soon!


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13 Responses to “[wednesday] ludlow phoot shoot!!!”

  1. Monica Says:

    Holy crap! These are great.

  2. ♥Lola Says:

    So pretty! I adore the layers of pearls you are wearing! And your glasses are so pretty 🙂

  3. megwalsh Says:

    really, really nice job, jenni!! it all looks so good!! who is your model and did you take these pictures?!

    • megwalsh Says:

      nevermind… just saw the credits under the photo… my bad!! but really, who your model? she’s puuuuurdy!

      • Jenni Says:

        Her name is Melody Balczon she is a friend of the photog…and I used to work with the photog. She was a stellar model!! The shoot was super fun!

      • megwalsh Says:

        yay! glad you had fun. she really is a great model. my favorite styling shot is the one where melody is laughing by the window. the mix of prints, the belt, the colors, the jewelry… all of it is great to me. btw, is that a scarf you’ve belted around her? also, the photography is top notch.

  4. preppywithatwist Says:

    amazing styling job. i want all of these outfits, including the jewelry, in my spring wardrobe!!

  5. sherry Says:


    I really like these photos. The model, jewelry, background and setting are all great.

  6. Nikki Says:

    fabulous shots. my fave is the one where Melody’s looking out of the window and sitting on the chair looking at the camera

  7. closet365project Says:

    These are great! Well done.

  8. Liz Says:

    i LOVE it!! awesome job.

  9. cindy Says:

    Awesome shots! And great styling, Jenni! 😉

  10. piglet Says:

    Well done, this looks amazing!
    I have that scarf she is wearing (it’s one of my favourites)

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