[tuesday] spotted

These are the last Florida outfits and the last of the amazing clothes that Echo sent over, stay tuned for a giveaway later this week! The coverup was perfect for chillin’ on South Beach. Even though many other ladies were wearing MUCH less clothing, I was with the fam so stuck with a PG coverup.  I CAN NOT wait to beach it up in NY this summer, we already have a couple weekends planned in Montauk and more fun trips in the works. My friends and I are creating a summer bucketlist… everyone is bringing 10 ideas to the table and we are going to whittle down the list to the best activities.  Any suggestions for must-do summer list!?!

Coverup: Echo’s Animal Spots Butterfly, Hat: Walmart, Nail Polish: Chanel Nouvelle Vague, Sunglasses: RayBan


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2 Responses to “[tuesday] spotted”

  1. piglet Says:

    Love the leopard cover up!
    (plus the sun looks lovely)

  2. joelle van dyne Says:

    just found your blog- you have such great style! i love this flowy casual outfit. makes me wish i was at the beach so badly..

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