[giveaway] Echo!

Sorry to be MIA, this week has been CRAZY. I thought I would make it up to everyone with a giveaway from Echo! Whoohoo!  All you have to do is leave a comment about which of the above scarfs you would like to make your own, either the cheetah print infinity neck ring I wore here, or the skull/stud patchwork infinity neck ring I wore here.  Also, swing by Echo’s facebook page and “like it”  (I make a cameo on the page)! Done and Done, I will pick a winner next week!


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32 Responses to “[giveaway] Echo!”

  1. sealver Says:

    Cheetah one!!! They’re both beautiful though.


  2. Liz Says:

    I desperately need some animal print in my life. So the cheetah one 🙂

  3. Amy Says:

    I really like the skull one myself. But both are very cool. 🙂

  4. Fi Says:

    The cheetah one please! Love it!

  5. Marjorie Kinney Says:

    Skulls baby. Every good girl needs a little pirate accent in their life.

  6. kimpesch Says:

    ooo I love the skull/stud patchwork infinity neck ring!

    That’s my pick! You look fab. Xo, Kim http://www.crowded-closet.com

  7. Jane J Says:

    I loveee the cheetah print infinity neck ring!!

  8. Brooke Says:

    i love love love the cheetah print one! i tend to stray away from animal prints, but this would be the perfect accent to an all black ensemble.

    great giveaway!
    fingers crossed!

  9. Cassie Says:

    The skull/stud one…because I’m just so badass 😉

  10. Alisha Says:

    I’m in love with the cheetah one! Plus it could help me fend off some of those fratties at the frying pan this summer.

  11. Molly Says:

    SKULL SCARF! Love it!

  12. Dawn Nelson Steckmesser Says:

    OH BOY……..I LOVE them BOTH!! BUT……if I had to choose I would pick the SKULLS!!! The older I get the more of a Rebel I have become!! LOL

  13. Kris Says:

    I would LOVE the cheetah one!

  14. Lauren Says:


  15. EmilyKennedy Says:

    They are both so cute on you. I love the skull and stud one particularly much!

  16. Katie Says:

    The cheetah is more me, but there is something pulling me towards the skulls. Either way, but look amazing 🙂

  17. Angie P Says:

    Love the skulls! Not sure you could get more rockstar than that accessory!

  18. Jessica Says:

    My 6 yr. old daughter wore three different kinds of cheetah print today at school: pink cheetah leggings, faux fur jacket, and a classic cheetah hat scarf combo. I must follow in her footsteps-send me the cheetah infinity scaft!!!

  19. sherry Says:


    I love the cheehah scarf. It’s so me. It would look nice with my fox fur, mink stole and diamond necklace.

  20. sherry Says:


    I love the cheetah scarf. It’s so me. It would look nice with my fox fur, mink stole and diamond necklace.

  21. Monique Says:

    I love the cheetah print one! The colors are amazing. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  22. Hannah Says:

    The skull/stud patchwork! ❤

    I'm such a girly girl but every girl needs a change and a bit of an edge sometimes! 😀

  23. Rebecca Says:

    I’m loving the cheetah print scarf! I also love the outfit you work it with a couple posts back. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect romper, and I’m jealous.

  24. Sista Says:

    um I believe I need that cheetah infinity because me and you specifically said we needed it the moment we saw them at express over christmas; however we could not get them because we did not have 25 dollars to our name. Somehow you have managed to get one, but I still have been dreaming about it ever since that day.

  25. GingerB Says:

    I think the skull/stud is for me!
    I like animal prints, but the skull/stud is different.

  26. Andrea Says:

    Cheetah one! Booyah!

  27. kimberley Says:

    i’d love the cheetah one!

  28. Charlie Says:

    Skulls! I would say something catchy, but everyone has already taken all of the good lines already.

  29. milly Says:

    Enter me please

    i want the skull/stud scarf…i own many scarves but dont have anything like that


  30. Iris Says:

    I love them both but, I think if I had to pick one it would be the cheetah one! I don’t have anything like it and would still be able to pull that off at work 🙂

  31. everydaytorunway Says:

    The skull one please!

  32. Leighanne Says:

    i love both, but if i had to pick just one, the cheetah would win out!

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