[monday] soho

I was in Soho the other day with my friend and amazing photog Courtney working on a project when we took a break to ham it up for the cam. Although I am in love with my LES hood, something about Soho makes you want run down the cobblestone street in your finest treads and highest heels (caution: very dangerous).  I lust after the people that dress up and hang around looking affected by their fabulousness. Tres chic.

Top: Forever 21, Glasses: Moscot, Necklace: Thrifted


3 Responses to “[monday] soho”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Love the off shoulder top! You look super adorable and geek chic with those frames. Lovelovelove!


  2. kimpesch Says:

    you look so beautiful!!! And your really rockin those new frames!!!

    xo, Kim http://www.crowded-closet.com

  3. Becca Says:

    Is this the same pair of glasses from your office post a little ways back? If not, you’re amassing a collection! And I love it!! Strong glasses are such a fun look against the kooky pink leopard print top.

    xo Becca @ FreeHoney.blogspot.com

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