[monday] memorial day

Happy Memorial Day! You may have seen on my twitter @dailyworkit, that I headed home for the holidays. I am spending most my time hanging with the fam and thrifting up a storm. My sis and I stopped by the 7 Mile Fair and found a couple diamonds in the rough, but overheated while digging and were forced to cool down with a beverage. I am working on a new necklace and was on a hunt for the pieces, I was amped to collected a bag full of trinkets for $10.  My dress ($5), Purse ($1) and hat ($5) were also thrifted a couple days pior, I love midwest prices!


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4 Responses to “[monday] memorial day”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I love your hat! Can’t believe it was just $5, I’ve been trying on straw hats for the last week but I can’t find on that fits my head correctly. I hope I can get as good a price as you did.

  2. jentine Says:

    Trolls? heck yes…

  3. Smash Says:

    Amazing hat!

  4. Julie Allwhite Says:

    The hat is awesome! Love it!

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