[wednesday] shop your closet

A couple weeks back one of my friends ask me to come over and “Shop Her Closet” for an upcoming college reunion.  While we were at it we also created a few outfits for work and play.  I put together a little cheat sheet from the evening with some takeaway tips.  I must say, wine and creating outfits with fab ladies is a fantastic eve. If you ever want to set up a date, I would love to do the same with you! (click the image for a larger view)



3 Responses to “[wednesday] shop your closet”

  1. Hello Closet World! « Closets Phoenix Says:

    […] [wednesday] shop your closet « Daily Work It […]

  2. Molly Says:

    I wish I lived in New York, I would LOVE for you to “Shop my Closet”. Do you make house calls 🙂

  3. Market Publique Says:

    Want to come shop my closet? And maybe I can finally give you back your gray belt you forgot at the MP studio!!! It’s been too long, lady!

    – P

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