[weekend] perfect

his fourth of July weekend could not have been more perfect.  Amazing friends and epic weather. A crew of us headed out to Montauk to chill on the beach, cruise on bikes, chow seafood, BBQ and watch fireworks on a friend’s lake. Although the small city was flooded with New Yorkers, we found a way to dodge the crowds and take a break from the stressball that is Manhattan.  I got back to work today rejuvenated, not to mention bronzed and  blonder. BEST NEWS: my glasses were FOUND!!! Summer Jenni is officially in full effect!



4 Responses to “[weekend] perfect”

  1. megwalsh Says:

    looks like you had a good fourth… glad to hear it!

  2. sherry Says:


    Glad you had a great time on the 4th. Glad you found your glasses. Glad you had nice weather. I’m glad, glad, glad.

  3. theanthropologieconnoisseur Says:

    It looks like a great weekend!

  4. Alynne Leigh Says:

    I absolutely love the shots in this post! Great work!:)


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