[thursday] DIY bedazzle

Romper courtesy of Shop Mamie

The weekend is almost here! And to celebrate I wore my newly bedazzled shoes to work today. These bad boys were about to see the donation bin when a glimmer came from the jar of rhinestones I picked up at Hobby Lobby back home. I decided to reinvent my basic black flats with a little bling, and have been walking with a skip in my step since. This may be my easiest DIY yet, just pick up some sparklers and gem glue and go crazy!


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8 Responses to “[thursday] DIY bedazzle”

  1. EmilyKennedy Says:

    CUTE! They’re really adorable.

  2. Ashley Says:

    Oh you’re so clever! I would have chucked them without thinking twice. I like your new glasses, too.

  3. Rach LaRoche Says:

    What a great idea, they look fabulous!

    I’m new to your blog, look forward to reading more 🙂


  4. eat.sleep.wear. Says:

    aweee LOVE THISSSSS. and a VERY happy birthday to your mammaaa!!!!!

    xo, Kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com

  5. Molly Says:

    SO CUTE and EASY. I love your DIYs!

  6. Rlutz71 Says:

    very cool DIY and the romper looks great on you!

  7. Lina Says:

    You look so adorable and soooo cute! Nice bling!

  8. samantha chu Says:

    super jealous of those nerd glasses!


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