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I’m in InStyle!!!

August 19, 2010

I could not be more excited to post this story I worked on for the September issue of InStyle!!!
The pages are dedicated to personalizing your clothes, and I was lucky enough to not only work on the whole story, but to also have a page of my own to share 3 of my fave DIYs! Make sure to pick up the issue, and if you love the ideas email
OR if you try a project email InStyle a picture and it could appear in the next issue!!!



[monday] soho

May 11, 2010

I was in Soho the other day with my friend and amazing photog Courtney working on a project when we took a break to ham it up for the cam. Although I am in love with my LES hood, something about Soho makes you want run down the cobblestone street in your finest treads and highest heels (caution: very dangerous).  I lust after the people that dress up and hang around looking affected by their fabulousness. Tres chic.

Top: Forever 21, Glasses: Moscot, Necklace: Thrifted

Tuesday – Tanless Sunner

November 25, 2009

Back in the office after my quick Florida trip. I seemed to have forgotten my tan on the plane. This is partly because of a cloud situation, but mostly because I am making a conscious effort to preserve my skin and counteract my teen years spent char-broiling in the sun. I have been thinking recently about my beauty/health routine and want to make some changes. This is where I turn to you all, what are some simple things you do (i.e. take certain vitamins, drink water, apply 15SPF everyday) to ease the aging process and feel better all around?

Romper: courtesy of Mamie, worn as a romper here
Skirt: F21 $15
Charm bracelet: Lucky Brand, gift
Shoes: great question???  found them cleaning my closet
Nailpolish: Zoya purple (I am LOVING this brand) 
LipstickL Avon Red (thanks for all the great recommendations!) 

My (not so) Basic Black

October 19, 2009


Last week when we had to wear black for work, I broke out my new Norma Kamali for Walmart dress. Get this, it was only $24 and you can wear it 5 DIFFERENT WAYS! I tested the different styles the other night,  what do guys think? What way would you wear it most?


Wednesday – Boot Splurge

October 14, 2009



Too bright for no sunglasses)

New patterned tights)


I would like to say: I never splurge on clothes. I think this is for a couple reasons 1) I am constantly changing/evolving my look and never want to spent too much on my current obsession 2) my Mom instilled the value of a dollar in me from a early age, and always shopped the best deal 3) I live in Manhattan and I think they are going to start charging to breath.

The problem with my lack of splurge-ability is that I end up rebuying basic EVERY season. So I put aside my frugal ways and spent a little money on a pair of boots…a pair that I am hoping will carry my through this season and next.  Fingers crossed, bc I love ’em.

I would love to know: what do think is worth splurging on? Is there any item that you never regretted spending a chunk of change on?

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