Shop Ludlow

Email me: to place orders. $3.50 for shopping.

$40 [HESTER necklace]  Faux pearls/rhinestones and silver/black colored chain. Adjustable length

$40 [MULBERRY necklace]  Faux pearls and silver/copper colored chain. Adjustable ribbon.

$40 [MOTT necklace]  Braided silver colored chain and ribbon. Not Adjustable.

$35 [WALKER necklace]  Silver/black colored chain and rope. Adjustable ribbon.

$35 [MERCER necklace]  Faux pearls and gold colored chain. Adjustable ribbon.

$25 each [PRINCE necklace]  Braided silver/gold colored chain. Adjustable length.

$30 [DELANCEY necklace]  Silver/gold colored chain. Adjustable length. SOLD

$20 [THOMPSON bracelet]  Silver/black colored chain. Not Adjustable. SOLD

$35 [GREAT JONES necklace]  Faux pearls and gold/copper colored chain. Not Adjustable. SOLD


3 Responses to “Shop Ludlow”

  1. [friday] shop ludlow « Daily Work It Says:

    […] case you did not notice, I revamped the site a little last night and added a Shop Ludlow feature on the right. The remaining necklace are up for sale, so check it out!  And I would love […]

  2. Alicia Says:

    love them all jen! xo

  3. Faded Pink « eat.sleep.wear. Says:

    […] target / necklace: ludlow / shades: […]

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