[wednesday] shop your closet

June 30, 2010

A couple weeks back one of my friends ask me to come over and “Shop Her Closet” for an upcoming college reunion.  While we were at it we also created a few outfits for work and play.  I put together a little cheat sheet from the evening with some takeaway tips.  I must say, wine and creating outfits with fab ladies is a fantastic eve. If you ever want to set up a date, I would love to do the same with you! (click the image for a larger view)


[tuesday] bopping around

June 23, 2010

It is almost the end of June?!? How did that happen? This month has been flying by and I have been on the move.   Bopping around from events nonstop.  A quick couple party snaps: On the top a couple pics from an amazing auction for Brokelyn, taken by Ryan,  in the middle a pic from a Definition 6 event, and 0n the bottom the opening of Annie Havlicek’s store.  In tragic news, I lost my glasses! Imposible right? No.

ps watch winner announced tomrw, stay tuned!

[friday] Cynthia Rowley

June 18, 2010

I must say,  what Cynthia Rowley did earlier this week with her resort line was brilliant.  Instead of making magazinies come to her, she brought it to us.  Swinging by each mag with a bus of models rocking the latest looks, and serving mimosas to the crowd. I chatted with Cynthia for a bit about Justin Bieber (so random) and how fun of an idea they concocted.  I love the reactions from the random people walking around Rockefeller Center, seeing a bus load of model pull up. priceless.

[tuesday] renegade

June 15, 2010

Sorry  for the hiatus, but stoked I had the watch giveaway up in my absence.  Keep commenting, bc I will pick the winner later this week.  As for last week, it is a blur of events and work, and work events.  We were all over the place,  and documented some of it so lets backtrack. Last weekend I spent my Sat in Brooklyn tracking down some clothes for a story I am working on.  While there we swung by the Renegade Craft Fair, where I quickly  became obsessed with Mean Cards, beyond funny.  Can we also talk about how this is the largest bag know to mankind.  The other day I found a random camera inside it, my purse is actually birthing electronics. Very strange.

Ranban glasses, supa old dress from ???,  F21 sandals, Foley + Corinna bag, thrifted jewelry

[monday] memorial day

May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day! You may have seen on my twitter @dailyworkit, that I headed home for the holidays. I am spending most my time hanging with the fam and thrifting up a storm. My sis and I stopped by the 7 Mile Fair and found a couple diamonds in the rough, but overheated while digging and were forced to cool down with a beverage. I am working on a new necklace and was on a hunt for the pieces, I was amped to collected a bag full of trinkets for $10.  My dress ($5), Purse ($1) and hat ($5) were also thrifted a couple days pior, I love midwest prices!

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