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[thursday] DIY bedazzle

July 8, 2010

Romper courtesy of Shop Mamie

The weekend is almost here! And to celebrate I wore my newly bedazzled shoes to work today. These bad boys were about to see the donation bin when a glimmer came from the jar of rhinestones I picked up at Hobby Lobby back home. I decided to reinvent my basic black flats with a little bling, and have been walking with a skip in my step since. This may be my easiest DIY yet, just pick up some sparklers and gem glue and go crazy!


[thursday] ps i made this

February 4, 2010

Last night I went to great DIY event at Bloomingdale’s for Helmut Lang,
run by Erica from the blog p.s. I made this.
Everyone got down and dirty, hole punching leather,
knotting scarfs, braiding denim…and sipping champagne.
I am wearing my creation up top with Erica,
who comes up with AMAZING DIY projects for her blog!
You def should check out this Proenza look-a-like
she made for WhoWhatWear.

DIY: Skirt and Scarf

November 25, 2009

In the spirit of not wasting during this Thanksgiving season I wanted to share a quick DIY tip. Remember when I wore this skirt I hemmed a couple weekends ago? Well, I took the excess and stitched up the side I cut creating a circle scarf! I threw it on over a babydoll dress and some oxford-esque shoes straight from 1993 and headed to the office for a half day before the holiday.  I saw there was a doublescreening of Clueless and Mallrats this weekend.  I am telling you, the 90’s is on a hot streak!

Click below for the original shirt and clothing credits

DIY: Statement Necklace

November 14, 2009




I am going to end this week in the best way I know possible, with a DIY! After realizing I had a crazy amount of broken chain and old necklaces I was not using, I decided to turn them into one statement necklace.  I was jazzed on the outcome, it is perfect to dress up a LBD for a holiday party, or could make the perfect Christmas gift (Mom, pretend you did not read that).

How to Make it:

1: Gather all the old chains and broken necklaces in your jewelry box. If you do not have enough stop in at your local second hand store and pick up some cheap chain necklaces (I usually pay 25cents to $1.50 for mine)

2: Lay out the chains on a flat surface and arrange the chains in a
“U” shape mimicking how you would want them to hang around your neck.
You will need a pliers to make some chains shorter.

3. String a large jump-ring though the end of each change to secure
each side of the necklace. Make sure the chains are in the same order
on both sides.

4. Tie a ribbon bow on each side of the jump-ring, leaving enough
ribbon to be able to adjust the knot in the back making it a longer or
shorter necklace.

5. Finishing touches: add a flower broach to one side for an extra
special occasion!


DIY: Tie Dye

September 2, 2009


Remember where I wore this dress here a while back?
Well, here is the DIY I promised.


What you need: Dye (with Rit or Dylon will work, I purchased at Hobby Lobby) Rubber bands, Salt, String, Gloves and a Bucket


1. Take any white cotton clothing you have laying around. 
2. Deside where you want the stripes and tie a rubberband around the area. Then wrap string tightly around the rubberband. Wrap more string if you want the band of white thicker.
– Add dye to a 1/4 bucket of water, add salt and stir till diluted
– Add clothing item and stir every 5 min for 30 minutes
– After 30 min, remove from bucket and rinse in sink until water runs clear
3. Take off string and rubber bands and let air dry. Make sure to hand wash, bc dye may come out on other clothes in the washer.